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Webinar «Smart Solutions in Energy storage and Renewable resources» (Bern – Brussels – Bratislava)

«Smart Solutions in Energy storage and Renewable resources» (Bern – Brussels – Bratislava)

Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2021 von 10 Uhr bis 13 Uhr.

Online-Seminar in englischer Sprache mit Gästen aus der Schweiz, der Europäischen Union und der Slowakischen Republik.


The main goal of the webinar is to bring together actors from the public and private sectors from Switzerland and the Slovak Republic as well as the European Commission to raise awareness of the importance of establishing a novel approach towards innovative, sustainable and competitive industry through clean technologies, especially energy storage and renewable resources.

10.00 a.m.      Introduction by Moderator Matthias Egli, Board member of Smart City Verein Bern

Address by Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Bern Alexander Micovčin

10.05 a.m.       Topic: «Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050, Renewable Energy and Flexibility Development»

Speaker: Ambassador Jean-Christophe Fueeg, Head International Energy Affairs, Swiss Federal Office of Energy

The Swiss Energy Strategy foresees a major increase in renewable energy to replace nuclear power and reach net zero by 2050. This will require much system flexibility and storage capacity. That’s why the Swiss Federal Office of Energy supports research, pilot and demonstration projects in that field.

10:20 a.m.       Topic: «Energy Storage and its importance for Switzerland»

Speaker: Frank C. Krysiak, Professor Environmental Economics, Universität Basel

Energy storage is a key factor for the success of the energy transition. The presentation shows what role energy storage plays within the energy system and what framework conditions are necessary for the smooth interaction of production, consumption and storage.

10:30 a.m.      Topic: «Batteries as key element for the Energy Transition»

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Andrea Vezzini, Berner Fachhochschule Biel

An overview of the research activities on decentralized electrochemical storage and energy production in Switzerland.

10:45 a.m.       Topic: «Swiss Federal Railways 100% renewable – a brief insight»

Speaker: Ueli Kramer, Head of Competence Centre Energy Storage at SBB

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) 100% renewable: why, how and what – an insight into the activities around the diesel-traction and its environment.

11:00 a.m.       Topic: «Utility-scale batteries: worth it or not? The guide for a good project start»

Speaker: Germain Augsburger, team lead battery solutions, BKW

Peak-shaving, ancillary services, self-consumption, voltage stability, intraday and day-ahead markets… The opportunities for utility-scale batteries are increasing, and so is the complexity for decision makers. BKW helps utility companies on their journey from pre-study to engineering and execution to commercialization of large battery projects.

11:10 a.m.       Coffee Break

11:15 a.m.        Opening Remarks by Adam Romanowski, Member of Cabinet of European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič

11:25 a.m.        Keynote by Thore Sekkenes, Director in charge of the European Battery Alliance (EBA) at InnoEnergy

11:40 a.m.       Topic: «Where we can use smart battery energy storage system?»

Speaker: Marián Smik, Chairman of the Slovak Battery Alliance (SBaA)

The main purpose of the presentation is to present potential applications of using smart energy storage system. We want to show advantages and disadvantages of particular applications divided in front of the meter and behind the meter usecases. SBaA would like to inform about existing and planned projects in Slovakia. More information at:

11:55 p.m.      Topic: «Second-life batteries. The production and use»

Speaker: Stanislav Králik, Director ZŤS-VaV

Back-cycle of EV’s battery – our goals and challenges. Development and construction of the factory for mass production of second-life batteries from EV’s. Final reprocessing of the spent batteries. Use of second-life batteries in stationary energy applications and construction of the factory for mass production of energy storage systems based on second-life batteries. More information at:

12:05 p.m.       Topic: «Flow batteries and their usage in smart energy storage solutions supported by artificial intelligence»

Speaker: Patrik Kurilla, Business Analyst, InoBat Auto

InoBat Energy is a Slovak company with the aim of developing energy storage solutions based on the flow battery technology. The presentation will cover short introduction to energy storage solutions, steps that are being undertaken in order to increase share of renewable energy within the grid, as well as InoBat Energy´s project under IPCEI initiative („Important Projects of Common European Union“). More information at:

12:15 p.m.      Topic: «Smart Cities Klub – Slovak Smart Cities potential for off-grid pilot projects»

Speaker: Miloslav Jurík, Chairman, Smart Cities Klub.

Smart Cities Klub is an original informal platform for sharing experiences and support collaboration between its members, but also for sharing best practices and knowledge from abroad. It represents potential platform for testing new solutions, validating pilot approaches and subsequently sharing project results. Smart Cities Club gathers Slovak cities, which are open to innovation and have sustainability, climate change and quality of life as their top priorities. What are Smart Cities Klub activities and what is the potential for off-grid projects in Slovak cities?

12:25 p.m.      Closing Panel and Q&As with the Speakers, moderated by Matthias Egli

01:00 p.m.      Conclusion, End of Webinar


The participation is free of charge

Registration via Eventbrite:

Moderation: Smart City Verein Bern

Organisation: Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bern in cooperation with Smart City Verein Bern


The answers for most of the unanswered questions from the webinar are available here: